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Middle Eight Marketing is a Northampton-based Marketing Communications specialist.  We don’t follow but we do copy!  Copy for websites, social media, blogging, newsletters, press releases, case studies and we work knowledgeably and proficiently with all Marketing and search engine Marketing (optimisation) mediums.

Because we produce great websites that get found, build relationships and ultimately, make money, doesn’t it make sense to work with a company that understands consumer behaviour, where and how your market communicates and the most effective, cost-efficient ways of reaching them? That’s a rhetorical question of course – Get in touch now!


Digital Marketing
Public Relations
Social Media Consultancy
Web Design

The Middle 8 Approach


Let’s examine your brand and its positioning.  What are you doing that’s effective?  What are you doing that’s not so?


Let’s set some realistic objectives and implement a strategic approach to your branding and communications.


Measurable results will enable us to understand what we’re doing right.  And so the cycle begins again…

Featured Services

Providing a broad array of Branding and Digital Marketing Services, here are some of our featured services.

If you want to get noticed and to communicate with the right people, then you’ve come to the right place.

To integrate how you communicate, call Middle 8!

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Whether you need copy for your website, social media or any other Marketing medium, we’ll incorporate the right messaging, register and tone to really drive your point across.

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Public Relations

From press releases to case studies, newsletters to whitepapers.

We’ll ensure your great news finds its way to the right people, through all the right channels.

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Web Design

Responsive design, social media interactive and Google friendly.

Whether you want to sell products online, or gain credibility, speak to Middle 8 now…

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